Saturday 10th of June 2017 (and a few pics from Sunday)

Almost 1 week after baby’s due date, baby is still not here, much to our surprise. Saturday morning started as usual with parkrun, but Kristina stayed in bed. Booooo. Jenny volunteered on the funnel, Trevor ran a stonking time, Keith ran with Coco (also a great time) and I started my latest comeback with ½ mile run ½ mile walk reps for the 3.1 miles. There was a surprise turnout by my friend Ben too….

Keith and Coco:

Position 182. Time 27:52. Run number 243. Fastest since 9th of July 2016 (27:41). Fantastic!


Position 299. Time 32:27. Run number 351. Fastest since 5th of September 2015 (32:10). Also Fantastic!


Position 334. Time 35:21. Run number 315. Fastest since 11th of Match 2017 (24:51)! On my way back now….hopefully.


Results can be found at:


No cafe stop after parkrun this week, it was all about getting jobs done. Working though the garage, moving some stuff to my folks. On the night we visited Jenny and Trevor for a games night, joined by Derick and Jayne.


This weeks photos:



This blog is all about Saturdays but because baby should be here by this time next week, it would be a shame not to add a few photos from Sunday 11th, taken after dinner at Rowley Manor:




See you soon baby….


Saturday 29th of April 2017


A different Saturday this week, parkrun and I was not there.

At parkrun was Kristina, Coco, Keith, Carole, Trevor, Jenny, Richard and Joshua.

The results are below:


Keith was 284th in 28:31, his 237th run – exact same time as the previous week

Trevor was 478nd in 35:44, his 345th run



I was working in Manchester on the Government ISSC2 program. We have to work on weekends when configuring for a ‘go-live’. Missing out on a weekend is not nice, parkrun and down time and replacing with work…..just glad it’s not often.



This Saturday in Kristinas words:

Enjoyed volunteering this morning at parkrun, I ended up scanning and also taking note of any barcodes which didn’t scan, so a bit of multi-tasking! Coco went to have fish and chips in Hornsea with Keith and Carole so she came home a very tired little doggy. Meanwhile I went to Sessions Spa in Beverley with my mum. I had a facial and a pedicure and my mum had a hot stone back massage, both came out very relaxed and enjoyed our treatments. Nothing planned for tonight except relaxing in front of the tv, or should I say sleeping on the sofa for Coco!

Coco, birthday bone is currently looking like so, will it be eaten before baby comes?






Saturday 22nd of April 2017

This is not going to be a short blog post as this Saturday has a lot to be logged.

First and foremost, it was Coco 7th Birthday. Happy birthday Coco! She had presents on the bed, a big bone, lots of chews and some ‘pots’ (sandwich pots). There was a discussion as to whether the bone will be eaten before baby is here, I think it will be and Kristina thinks it will still be about, or at least a little part of it!

So here are a few photos of the birthday girl:


Then onto Hull parkrun as normal for a Saturday morning. The runner’s results were:

Keith was 275th in 28:531, his 236th run (fastest time since February 2017)

Carole was 502nd in 49:19, her 26th run (fastest time since January 2017)

Mark was 503rd in 49:20, his 312th (run with Coco).

Joshua was 504th in about 56:04 (his first run) but goes down as an ‘unknown’ as he is not allowed to register yet as he’s not 5! Richard did have to carry him a little, but only a little and I know he did extra running all over the place on the first lap! Joshua asked to run it the weekend before, so very very well done Joshua!

Richard was 505th in 56:05, his 17th run. (first appearance since August 2016)

Trevor was 506th, in 56:39, his 344th run

Sum of all runs together 935! Wonder if that is a record for the Gadie’s+Rose’s? One week when Joshua is registered, Kristina is back running and bump is in a buggy it would be great if we call could do it, just the once. Jenny would you come out of retirement for one special run???

Kristina was on the timer yesterday and Jenny was scanning.

The results can be found here:

Some photos from the run and the café afterwards:

After parkrun we had a walk around east park for a while and took some photos of Kristina, bump and Coco:


After lunch, it was off to see Hull City beat Watford in a key relegation game. Even with 10 men (as we had a player sent off mid-way through the first half – unjustly in my opinion) we won 2-0. Massive and really does give us a chance to stay up.

Match report here:

On the evening, it was a quiet night in watching the film ‘Aliens’. Friday night was ‘Alien’ and we have the other to watch soon too. Sat with Kristina and bump watching Aliens is fun! Ha!!


Saturday 15th of April 2017

parkrun morning again. I volunteered on the new runners briefing and as tail runner (stomach issues still) and helped with the token sorting with Kristina and a few others. Kristina also handed out the tokens with Jenny at the end of the funnel. Trevor helped with the packing away of the kit, assisted by Joshua as seen in the photo below. Carole came to watch and visit the cafe. As for the run, there was a whopping 574 runners that enjoyed the 3.1 mile course.


Of the runners, these were the places:


Keith was 336th in 28:57, his 235th run (good time for Keith that!!)

Trevor was 489rth, in 34:30, his 342nd run (fastest run since December 2015!)

Mark was 574rd in 54:15, his 311th (run with Coco).

The results can be found here:



After the run Kristina and I visited Lloyds bank to look into mortgages for the house move. It’s looking like baby will come home to 156 Lindengate Avenue, but we are planning to be moving to 11a Hamilton Drive around a month or so after baby comes. Not the best time for a move, but hopefully this will be our ‘forever’ home and baby will grow up there. Why now, well this house just fits our requirements and it’s a case of getting it done and the move out of the way rather than when baby is a toddler.


In the afternoon, Richard and Josh visited and Josh demolished his Easter egg and there was lots of playing in the garden…..



8th April 2017 – Away parkrun and spa!

Mark was still struggling with his stomach issue, it’s not getting better but he still wanted to walk parkrun. So, we returned to Sherwood Pines parkrun having last been there almost to the day a year before.

It was slow but at least it was done, in a whooping 36:39 a total of 15:05 slower than the last time. Kristina watched! Next time Mark hopes to be nearer 21 minutes, but first he must get the stomach issue sorted!

Then it was onto the Aqua Santa spa in Centre Parcs:

A full day 10-4ish enjoying reading, saunas, and a massage. Kristina even had bump massaged!! It was then fish and chips on the way home.

As a bit of a side note, it looks like we are moving house. Baby is due 4th of June and though we do not have a date yet, hopefully by July we will be living at 11a Hamilton Drive and not 156 Lindengate Avenue.

April 1st 2017 – parkrun, café, Hull city beating West Ham and cards.

Hull parkrun was certainly enjoyed:


Keith was 412th in 34:34, his 234th run

Trevor was 423rd, in 35:15, his 342nd run

Mark was 473rd in 50:11, his 310th run with Coco.

Carole was 474th in 50:15, her 25th run

Kristina was 475th in 50:26, her 170th run


Our friend Jessica came in 476th place too, her first run.


Jenny was volunteering. Josh and Richard came to watch


The full results can be found here:


Hull needed to beat West Ham and after going a goal down we won, 2-1! Trevor, Kristina were there in South Stand and Mark was in East with Dave Sison.



On the evening we had a Chinese and then a game of cards. Mark took loads of photos but Kristina seems to have rationed them. The only one up at the end of the night…..Mark!! 🙂


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Blog for Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th of March 2017, and a bit of what went on in-between.

Baby, will be called baby as whatever baby will be called in 10 weeks we have not decided yet, but baby has been to Gran Canaria……Baby spent the time just lazing around mummy’s tummy, mummy and daddy spent this week lazing around a pool doing not a lot!


So 18th of March. Up early, out of the house at 5am to Leeds Bradford airport. 9am flight to Gran Canaria. The weather in Leeds = Overcast


The weather in Gran Canaria = Thunder and lightning and chucking it down!



We stayed at the hotel: IFV Continental

The weather did not start great but got better as the week went along and we had a great time. Baby was good, did a lot of wriggling and we both had a nice rest. We had a few walks and I had a couple of small jogs and that was it. We both read, I finished Ian M Banks book – Consider Phlebas and started James S.A. Corey ‘s book Leviathan Wakes, Kristina finished Jojo Moyes – After you and started Paula Daly – The Mistake I Made.

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In no time it was 25th of March and we were packing to come home. Very uneventful flight home, reading and watching TV programmes on the iPad. Home by 9:30pm and Coco had been dropped off ready to greet us. She had spent the week with Keith and Carole in Snainton, having a nice break herself.

parkrun, Hull City and quiet night

Kristina does not like early Saturday get ups! She would rather lay in bed then get up and get to parkrun…..but she enjoys it when she is there. I walk there with Coco and Kristina drives. Today I tried to get some photos of everyone.


Today’s results can be found:

  • I came in 153rd place in 24:48 in my 308th run
  • Keith came in 293rd in 29:08 in his 230th run
  • Trevor came in 473rd in 35.45 in his 338th run
  • Kristina came in 546th in 50:20 in her 169th run
  • Jenny was barcode scanning.
  • Carole was supporting and jacket holding!

After a trip to the cafe where Richard and Josh were waiting it was back home to get ready for city. Big game against Swansea, relegation rivals who went into the game 6 points ahead of us. After a tight first half we got 2 good goals ahead before a Swansea consolation in injury time. There is hope we can remain in the Premiership! Good game to watch and though I enjoyed sitting with Dave, Kristina didn’t enjoy sitting where she was as she was uncomfortable due to baby. She did win a few quid with a bet on 2-1 win though!

Match report can be read here (hopefully):


I write this while Kristina is in the bath. Baby is moving loads and can be viably seen! Written at 8pm, time to go chill out on the sofa and watch some TV,


Here are today’s photos:





Kristina’s Birthday treat…

We woke up on this Saturday morning at Branston Hall just south of Lincoln. After a quick breakfast we headed off to Lincoln parkrun for my second parkrun here. Kristina came to watch and walked one of the three course laps whilst taking a few pics. I jogged round (28.47mins) hopefully on the mend from my injuries. We both hope to come back to this parkrun one day with baby in their running buggy!

Results link:

After a shower and change we spent a few hours walking around Lincoln in the sunshine where we bought baby a few things and walked up the very steep hill towards the cathedral…

We headed back to Branston hall for a dip in the pool followed by a walk to the local pub for tea. A lovely day for kristina’s 35th birthday which was a few weeks ago.

This was Kristina infront of Branston Hall:


Bit of a cheat as this was Sunday’s breakfast:


parkrun, football & curry!

What a Saturday yesterday was, it flew by.

It started with parkrun.

The results can be found here:

Keith (run 228) and Coco in 30:16
Trevor (run 336) in 34:38
Mark (run 306) in 36:40
Kristina (run 168) and bump in 50:34
Carole (run 24) in 50:35
Jenny was handing out finish tokens.
Joshua and Richard came to watch.

We all visited the café afterwards and that’s where the photos this week come from. Bump now seems to be growing fast and Kristina is starting to really show. Coco was a really good girl in the café and Joshua gave her some of his sausage role! Joshua also had a good rub of Kristina’s bump and has decided it’s going to be a boy…

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After parkrun, some beans on toast for dinner and some housework got done too before Trevor, Kristina and I went to the football:
(wonder if this link will work in years to come)

I met up with Dave and Ben at the game as Kristina sits with her dad and usually Richard. Richard now has Josh on a Saturday so he was not able to go. Ben doesn’t usually come but did due to it being Dave’s 39th birthday.
Really big game for Hull City and going a goal up moved us out of the relegation places. Unfortunately, Burnley equalised and what could have been a fantastic win was taken away from us. We are now 19th in the league but I am hopeful we will stay up.

After the game, it was a good few beers and a curry, a hot curry with the lads. Ben unfortunately was a little tired so he slept while we all ate. Another beer afterwards and home for midnight. Meanwhile Kristina had her friend Carol round who dropped off a baby bath for us, well baby…