Saturday 10th of June 2017 (and a few pics from Sunday)

Almost 1 week after baby’s due date, baby is still not here, much to our surprise. Saturday morning started as usual with parkrun, but Kristina stayed in bed. Booooo. Jenny volunteered on the funnel, Trevor ran a stonking time, Keith ran with Coco (also a great time) and I started my latest comeback with ½ mile run ½ mile walk reps for the 3.1 miles. There was a surprise turnout by my friend Ben too….

Keith and Coco:

Position 182. Time 27:52. Run number 243. Fastest since 9th of July 2016 (27:41). Fantastic!


Position 299. Time 32:27. Run number 351. Fastest since 5th of September 2015 (32:10). Also Fantastic!


Position 334. Time 35:21. Run number 315. Fastest since 11th of Match 2017 (24:51)! On my way back now….hopefully.


Results can be found at:


No cafe stop after parkrun this week, it was all about getting jobs done. Working though the garage, moving some stuff to my folks. On the night we visited Jenny and Trevor for a games night, joined by Derick and Jayne.


This weeks photos:



This blog is all about Saturdays but because baby should be here by this time next week, it would be a shame not to add a few photos from Sunday 11th, taken after dinner at Rowley Manor:




See you soon baby….


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