Saturday 10th of June 2017 (and a few pics from Sunday)

Almost 1 week after baby’s due date, baby is still not here, much to our surprise. Saturday morning started as usual with parkrun, but Kristina stayed in bed. Booooo. Jenny volunteered on the funnel, Trevor ran a stonking time, Keith ran with Coco (also a great time) and I started my latest comeback with ½ mile run ½ mile walk reps for the 3.1 miles. There was a surprise turnout by my friend Ben too….

Keith and Coco:

Position 182. Time 27:52. Run number 243. Fastest since 9th of July 2016 (27:41). Fantastic!


Position 299. Time 32:27. Run number 351. Fastest since 5th of September 2015 (32:10). Also Fantastic!


Position 334. Time 35:21. Run number 315. Fastest since 11th of Match 2017 (24:51)! On my way back now….hopefully.


Results can be found at:


No cafe stop after parkrun this week, it was all about getting jobs done. Working though the garage, moving some stuff to my folks. On the night we visited Jenny and Trevor for a games night, joined by Derick and Jayne.


This weeks photos:



This blog is all about Saturdays but because baby should be here by this time next week, it would be a shame not to add a few photos from Sunday 11th, taken after dinner at Rowley Manor:




See you soon baby….


Saturday 3rd of June and all those Saturdays in May!

Ok, hands up. I am behind. It happens.


6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of May have come and gone and there are no posts. Why? Well there we a few none event Saturdays and I have been in for a Hernia operation which knocked me out a bit both in terms of doing stuff and reporting on what we had done.


As I write this today, it’s babies due date. No sign of baby Gadie! We are waiting baby Gadie! In the race between baby and Coco’s bone…..Coco won. On the 27th there was little bits left, which didn’t last long:




20th of May.

Kristina and I organised an East Hull Harriers pacing event at hull parkrun. This was the second time we organised it and it seemed a great success for pacers and parkrunners alike.



3rd of June.

Was a fun day. parkrun in the morning (details below) then off to Craven Park on the night for a Paul Heaton / Jacqui Abbott concert. With my mum and dad and had a great time, great music. Caravan of Love is one of my all time favourite tracks!


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parkrun Summary


Trevor Rose


6th of May – 422nd in 34:57 (fastest since 21-Nov-2016, 33:54)

This was Trevor’s 350 run!

If Trevor can get under 33:54 next target is 33:40 from the week earlier!!

13th of May – 396th in 34:26

20th of May – 521st in 34:06

27th of May – 355th in 34:46

3rd of June – 394th in 33:57


Keith Gadie


6th of May – 309th in 29:52 with Coco

13th of May – 303rd in 30:46 with Coco

20th of May – 325th in 28:27

27th of May – 259th in 29:55 with Coco

3rd of June – 242nd in 29:40 with Coco


Mark Gadie


6th of May – Started the event but stopped due to stomach. Helped at the funnel instead.

13th of May – Volunteered as a timer.

20th of May – 620th place in 55:27 tail runner for the pacing events weekend. With Coco.

27th of May – A no show. In bed recovering from hernia operation, otherwise known as slacking!

3rd of June – 468th place in 47:55. Walked it testing see how I am post op. Walking was fine although I could feel it a little.