parkrun, football & curry!

What a Saturday yesterday was, it flew by.

It started with parkrun.

The results can be found here:

Keith (run 228) and Coco in 30:16
Trevor (run 336) in 34:38
Mark (run 306) in 36:40
Kristina (run 168) and bump in 50:34
Carole (run 24) in 50:35
Jenny was handing out finish tokens.
Joshua and Richard came to watch.

We all visited the café afterwards and that’s where the photos this week come from. Bump now seems to be growing fast and Kristina is starting to really show. Coco was a really good girl in the café and Joshua gave her some of his sausage role! Joshua also had a good rub of Kristina’s bump and has decided it’s going to be a boy…

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After parkrun, some beans on toast for dinner and some housework got done too before Trevor, Kristina and I went to the football:
(wonder if this link will work in years to come)

I met up with Dave and Ben at the game as Kristina sits with her dad and usually Richard. Richard now has Josh on a Saturday so he was not able to go. Ben doesn’t usually come but did due to it being Dave’s 39th birthday.
Really big game for Hull City and going a goal up moved us out of the relegation places. Unfortunately, Burnley equalised and what could have been a fantastic win was taken away from us. We are now 19th in the league but I am hopeful we will stay up.

After the game, it was a good few beers and a curry, a hot curry with the lads. Ben unfortunately was a little tired so he slept while we all ate. Another beer afterwards and home for midnight. Meanwhile Kristina had her friend Carol round who dropped off a baby bath for us, well baby…




parkrun, massage and John Wick 2

Better weather this parkrun day, for Keith, Kristina, Tevor, Coco and myself.

Results here: parkrun weekly results

My dads (Keith’s) 227th parkrun and in a good time of 28.23

Kristina and I walked again, Kristina in 50:00 and myself in 50.02. That’s Kristina’s 167th and my 305th. Kristina starting to feel bump needs some support and I am just struggling (in sympathy, hmmmm) with my stomach!

Trevor (Kristina’s dad) did his 335th in 35.57 and Jenny (Kristina’s Mum) was volunteering on the finish funnel. Carole was struggling with her back so just walked little bits here and there.

Coco enjoyed walking at the back with us, but I know she would have rather run! Coco loves parkrun.

After parkrun Kristina went to Sessions for a “Pre and Post natal body care massage” which was very nice, particularly the back massage. Kristina didn’t like her bump being rubbed though!!


On the evening it was off to Frankie and Benny’s for some tea then cinema for a film – John Wick 2, which we both found was all action and that was about it. We watched the first ‘John Wick’ movie the night before and basically they are the same film. Fight scene after fight scene.



24 weeks pregnant, Last girly trip before Baby comes!

Just spent the weekend in London with Clare which will be my last trip on my own before baby comes. Caught up with Jackie (Clare’s mum), Nicola and Shantelle at some point over the weekend. Saturday included a lovely brunch with the girls followed by a tour of the Houses of Parliament and the Foreign Office courtesy of Clare. We also got to meet the Foreign Offices cat called Palmerston. It was Pizza express for tea followed by watching a dance show featuring Clare’s God-daughter.

Also got my own ‘Baby on Board’ badge to wear on the tubes, very cool…..

Kristina xx

11th February 2017 – Big First Post

The big first post is actually going to be a short first post!

parkrun today was wet and cold. Coco ran with my dad (Keith) on his 226th parkrun. I walked near the back with my mum (Carole) on her 23rd. It was my 304th.

the parkrun results are here.

Kristina was visiting her friend Clare in London, and while I should be doing the house work, i actually am setting up a blog!

My aspirations for this blog are to allow us to record a point in time every week (a Saturday) to allow all of us in the blog (Gadie family) to look back on in time. We hope to be joined by Baby Gadie around June 4th, and I hope this record show baby what we did before his/her arrival and onward. One day I hope baby Gadie takes over this blog.


Photo of Coco at the start, and one of Carole on the second lap avoiding the “perma-puddle”