Blog for Saturday 18th and Saturday 25th of March 2017, and a bit of what went on in-between.

Baby, will be called baby as whatever baby will be called in 10 weeks we have not decided yet, but baby has been to Gran Canaria……Baby spent the time just lazing around mummy’s tummy, mummy and daddy spent this week lazing around a pool doing not a lot!


So 18th of March. Up early, out of the house at 5am to Leeds Bradford airport. 9am flight to Gran Canaria. The weather in Leeds = Overcast


The weather in Gran Canaria = Thunder and lightning and chucking it down!



We stayed at the hotel: IFV Continental

The weather did not start great but got better as the week went along and we had a great time. Baby was good, did a lot of wriggling and we both had a nice rest. We had a few walks and I had a couple of small jogs and that was it. We both read, I finished Ian M Banks book – Consider Phlebas and started James S.A. Corey ‘s book Leviathan Wakes, Kristina finished Jojo Moyes – After you and started Paula Daly – The Mistake I Made.

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In no time it was 25th of March and we were packing to come home. Very uneventful flight home, reading and watching TV programmes on the iPad. Home by 9:30pm and Coco had been dropped off ready to greet us. She had spent the week with Keith and Carole in Snainton, having a nice break herself.


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