parkrun, Hull City and quiet night

Kristina does not like early Saturday get ups! She would rather lay in bed then get up and get to parkrun…..but she enjoys it when she is there. I walk there with Coco and Kristina drives. Today I tried to get some photos of everyone.


Today’s results can be found:

  • I came in 153rd place in 24:48 in my 308th run
  • Keith came in 293rd in 29:08 in his 230th run
  • Trevor came in 473rd in 35.45 in his 338th run
  • Kristina came in 546th in 50:20 in her 169th run
  • Jenny was barcode scanning.
  • Carole was supporting and jacket holding!

After a trip to the cafe where Richard and Josh were waiting it was back home to get ready for city. Big game against Swansea, relegation rivals who went into the game 6 points ahead of us. After a tight first half we got 2 good goals ahead before a Swansea consolation in injury time. There is hope we can remain in the Premiership! Good game to watch and though I enjoyed sitting with Dave, Kristina didn’t enjoy sitting where she was as she was uncomfortable due to baby. She did win a few quid with a bet on 2-1 win though!

Match report can be read here (hopefully):


I write this while Kristina is in the bath. Baby is moving loads and can be viably seen! Written at 8pm, time to go chill out on the sofa and watch some TV,


Here are today’s photos:






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