Saturday 22nd of April 2017

This is not going to be a short blog post as this Saturday has a lot to be logged.

First and foremost, it was Coco 7th Birthday. Happy birthday Coco! She had presents on the bed, a big bone, lots of chews and some ‘pots’ (sandwich pots). There was a discussion as to whether the bone will be eaten before baby is here, I think it will be and Kristina thinks it will still be about, or at least a little part of it!

So here are a few photos of the birthday girl:


Then onto Hull parkrun as normal for a Saturday morning. The runner’s results were:

Keith was 275th in 28:531, his 236th run (fastest time since February 2017)

Carole was 502nd in 49:19, her 26th run (fastest time since January 2017)

Mark was 503rd in 49:20, his 312th (run with Coco).

Joshua was 504th in about 56:04 (his first run) but goes down as an ‘unknown’ as he is not allowed to register yet as he’s not 5! Richard did have to carry him a little, but only a little and I know he did extra running all over the place on the first lap! Joshua asked to run it the weekend before, so very very well done Joshua!

Richard was 505th in 56:05, his 17th run. (first appearance since August 2016)

Trevor was 506th, in 56:39, his 344th run

Sum of all runs together 935! Wonder if that is a record for the Gadie’s+Rose’s? One week when Joshua is registered, Kristina is back running and bump is in a buggy it would be great if we call could do it, just the once. Jenny would you come out of retirement for one special run???

Kristina was on the timer yesterday and Jenny was scanning.

The results can be found here:

Some photos from the run and the café afterwards:

After parkrun we had a walk around east park for a while and took some photos of Kristina, bump and Coco:


After lunch, it was off to see Hull City beat Watford in a key relegation game. Even with 10 men (as we had a player sent off mid-way through the first half – unjustly in my opinion) we won 2-0. Massive and really does give us a chance to stay up.

Match report here:

On the evening, it was a quiet night in watching the film ‘Aliens’. Friday night was ‘Alien’ and we have the other to watch soon too. Sat with Kristina and bump watching Aliens is fun! Ha!!



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