parkrun, massage and John Wick 2

Better weather this parkrun day, for Keith, Kristina, Tevor, Coco and myself.

Results here: parkrun weekly results

My dads (Keith’s) 227th parkrun and in a good time of 28.23

Kristina and I walked again, Kristina in 50:00 and myself in 50.02. That’s Kristina’s 167th and my 305th. Kristina starting to feel bump needs some support and I am just struggling (in sympathy, hmmmm) with my stomach!

Trevor (Kristina’s dad) did his 335th in 35.57 and Jenny (Kristina’s Mum) was volunteering on the finish funnel. Carole was struggling with her back so just walked little bits here and there.

Coco enjoyed walking at the back with us, but I know she would have rather run! Coco loves parkrun.

After parkrun Kristina went to Sessions for a “Pre and Post natal body care massage” which was very nice, particularly the back massage. Kristina didn’t like her bump being rubbed though!!


On the evening it was off to Frankie and Benny’s for some tea then cinema for a film – John Wick 2, which we both found was all action and that was about it. We watched the first ‘John Wick’ movie the night before and basically they are the same film. Fight scene after fight scene.




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